Monday, August 30, 2010


Monday, August 30

1.  Philosopher:  Karl Marx
2.  Concepts of "The Good Life" p. 1

Tuesday, August 31

1.  Philosopher:  Max Weber
2.  Concepts of "The Goof Life" p. 2

Read Chapter 1 in Understanding Sociology.  Everyone must read this chapter.  A test will be coming the week after next.  There is a reading guide that is optional, but a good way to add points into your average.  That reading guide will be due next Tuesday, no late credit.

Wednesday, September 1

1.  Philosopher:  Emile Durkheim, pt. 1
2.  Philosopher:  Aristotle

Thursday, September 2

1.  Philosopher:  Durkheim, pt. 2
2.  Thick description of a ritual
3.  Philosopher:  Nietzsche

Friday,  September 3

1.  Philosopher:  Sigmund Freud
2.  Philosopher:  Emmanuel Kant

Reading Guide for Understanding Sociology (Chapter 1), due Tuesday.  The reading is not optional, but the assignment is.  If you want homework credit, it must be turned in on Tuesday.  This will not be accepted late.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Wednesday, August 25

1. Intro to Course/ Course objectives
2. Lecture: What is Sociology?

Homework, Read “The Promise” by C. Wright Mills. Be prepared to take a quiz over the reading tomorrow

Thursday, August 26

1. Quiz, “The Promise”
2. Discuss the reading
3. Discussion: “The Big Questions”

Friday, August 27

1. Introduction to Clifford Geertz
2. Thick description and cultural interpretation

Homework: Thick description assignment. Due Monday.