Monday, January 7, 2013

Songs for Film Music

My friend, Tom Flannery, who was one of the composers for Facing Sudan and Crayons and Paper, has made available for us all of the music that he has made over the years.  I know many of you want to use songs with lyrics and may be having a difficult time obtaining those rights.

Tom has a wide variety of music available.  His has an album of great American rock and roll entitled, Teen Angst and the Green Flannel.  He also just released an album entitled Love and Streets.

He has other albums available at his website, too.  Most of his music can be labeled as "Americana."  That is, solo acoustic.  But he covers a wide variety of topics and emotions.

Here's the thing:  if you download any of the songs from his website (or iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc) he will let you use that music in your film for free.  He's very cool about you being able to use his music, if you want.

For a long time, Tom ran a website (along with Lorne Clarke, who also has music available) that put out a song-a-week.  That is actually how I discovered Tom and Lorne and they ended up creating the entire soundtracks to my films.

Although that website is no longer available, the songs and an archived version of the website is available here.  There are some 200 songs available for download on that site.

Lorne Clarke's latest album, Moonlight and Cider, is also available.  Likewise, if you have a song you want, download it and Lorne will let you use it in your film.

Also, don't forget, I also have available production music at VideoBlocks---if there is a song you want, just let me know and I will download it for you.  There are thousands of instrumental pieces there available for download as well.  And you can browse the music by category or emotion.