Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pink Floyd The Wall

Over the last couple of days, we watched Pink Floyd The Wall.  We will be having a graded discussion later in the week over the film.  If you missed the movie or would like to watch it again, here it is:

Also, there is a sheet that will help you break down the scenes.  You can download that sheet here.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Doesn't Batman Kill the Joker?

As we watch The Dark Knight in class, you will need to read the article entitled, "Why Doesn't Batman Kill the Joker?"  A copy fo the article will be handed out in class.  However, if you are not going to be here on Friday, you can download the article online.

Click here to download the article.

Be prepared to discuss the movie in class on Tuesday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Review for Sociological Theory Exam

Your CAT quiz over the sociology portion of the class is on Wednesday, September 12.  If you need another review sheet, click here.

There are also flashcards available to help you study.  Click on the links below:

Sociological Thinkers flashcards

Sociological Theories flashcards

The quiz will broken into three sections:

1.  Matching section for thinkers and their ideas.  You will have an idea and you will need to match it with the correct thinker.  Some of the people may be used more than once--it is not a one-for-one matching.  Some may not be used at all.

2.  Matching section for sociological theories.  Match the idea or scenario to the correct theory

3.  Multiple choice questions.  These questions are based on lecture, readings and discussions in class.

There are 30 questions in all.  60 points total.

(Plus, two extra credit Frank Sinatra questions as well)