Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We will be having a quiz over Jazz and Blues this Friday, December 2, 2011.  The content will be all multiple choice and matching and will be taken from class lectures and videos.  You will need to be able to identify the following people and terms.

Origin of Blues---understand the African origins of Blues  (ie slave rebellions, Slave spirituals, use of drums)
Characteristics of Blues
Know the differences and characteristics of
     Delta Blues              Chicago Blues
     Piedmont Blues
Know the following Blues musicians/terms:
     W.C. Handy             “Blues Heroes”
      Muddy Waters        “Crossroads”
      Robert Johnson       Howlin' Wolf
      Josh White                Blind Blake
       Rev. Gary Davis       B.B. King
Common motifs in Blues
Why was New Orleans the birthplace of jazz?
Roots of Jazz (Blues/Ragtime)
Components/characteristics of Jazz  (ie.  Rhythm, Swing, Syncopation, Improvisation)
Know the following Jazz artists:
      Jelly Roll Morton           Count Basie
      Cab Calloway                 Duke Ellington
      Louis Armstrong            Benny Goodman
      Bix Biederbecke             Ella Fitzgerald
      Bessie Smith                   Billie Holiday
"Bobby Soxers"
Swing music and Swing culture
Frank Sinatra

Friday, November 18, 2011


The next part of the film project is to take your treatment and write a screenplay.  This screenplay will most likely run around 10 pages or so (think of it as about 1 minute per page).

To get a good idea about what screenplay writing is all about, here is a great site that analyzes several screenplays. It has downloadable scripts and script analyses. 

On this site, there is a great section devoted to Good Will Hunting with several important downloads:

Good Will Hunting Script
Good Will Hunting Analysis

It also has a section devoted to Zombieland as well.

Here is the Zombieland Analysis

Due dates:

Narrative script due December 16
Documentary script due January 13

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Midterms will be next week, November 9 and 10th.

For Miks, the midterm will cover Catcher in the Rye.  It will be in essay format and open note.

For Janu, the midterm will be an objective, comprehensive exam.  50 Questions.  Bring a #2 pencil.  This test will not be open note.

Both midterms will account for 10% of your Final Exam Grade.

A review sheet for SOC can be downloaded here.